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Electronic Controls

We manufacture electronic controls providing thermoregulation and management for functional assemblies or heating elements.

The electronic controls we manufacture are technically advanced products specifically designed for their particular sphere of application and manufactured using the latest technology.

The starting point for project development is our customer’s specific requirements; our aim is to support our partner in the concept phase and in developing his product, obtaining product certification and with after-sales service.

We are able to optimise final product cost thanks to the appropriate use of available technologies and related components, our knowledge of specific applications and our project management skills; knowledge and skills that are fundamental and indispensable for correctly and appropriately managing all stages of the product life cycle.

We can offer a variety of technological and aesthetically attractive solutions for domestic heating across a range of several types of electronic controls for radiators and electric towel rails. For this particular sector, we can expeditiously produce fully personalised products, in which the electronic system is contained in plastic housing of modern and exclusive design.

For the domestic heating sector, we also manufacture advanced control systems for pellet stoves, available in several hardware configurations and with customisable software; moreover, even for this application, we naturally offer the possibility of having user interfaces compatible with the customer’s specific appliances and logos.

We offer a complete range of general purpose temperature controls, adapted for a variety of industrial uses, as well as our capacity and readiness to manufacture electronic controls and systems to the customer’s specifications.


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