Green Way

Green way represents our philosophy, a way of living, thinking and acting which is put into practice in the daily working activities through a path for the safeguard of the environment and energy saving, a commitment today for a better world tomorrow.

The path’s steps:

  • Reduction of environmental impacts of the manufacturing process
  • Analysis of energy uses, elimination of wastes and reduction of energy consumption
  • Development and application of new technologies aimed at saving energy
  • Involvement and awareness of internal as well as external personnel
  • Certification of the Energy Management System (ISO 50001)

Our results:

Reduction of electricity consumption/hour: -30%
(Etched Foil div. 2010-2014)
Reduction of ferric chloride waste: -21%
(Etched Foil div. 2010-2014)
Reduction of produced waste/hour: -48%
(Etched Foil div. 2015)
Reduction of t CO2 from car fleet: -17%

Examples of activities carried out while reducing the impacts on environment/energy:



t CO2/year

Kg produced waste / hour
Development of new product NPL 10

  • Elimination of drying process
  • Optimization of annealing oven cycle
  • Elimination of sealants
-85718 -22080 -226
Energy requalification of 1st floor offices
Div. San Vendemiano (2011)

  • Replacement of doors and windows
  • Insulation of walls
  • Installation of heat pump
-36725 -1990 -18,5
Warehouse’s new lighting system
Div. San Vendemiano (2012)

  • Replacement of neon lights with dimmable lamps
-30000 -22080 -12
Ferric chloride regenerator
Div. Conegliano (2014)

  • Reduction of produced waste