Preheating / anticondensation-heating, temperature maintaining heaters for wind turbines
Heaters for energy-storage accumulators / batteries
Additional heaters for solar systems
Additional heaters for heat-pumps
Additional heaters for hot water accumulators
Deicing heaters for PV-panels
Anticondensation heaters for electrical generators
Preheating units for diesel / gas engines
Load banks / brake resistors
Anticondensation heaters for cabinets
Anticondensation heaters for control cabinets
Heaters for gas insulated switchgears
Deicing / Anti-icing heaters for wind turbines
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We are able to offer complete design and application partnerships with our customers, thereby ensuring optimal designs, removing fabrication and development costs where possible. Our solutions meet a wide array of application requirements including energy generation, including renewables, and distribution systems.

Our customers can reduce their production costs by using the highly qualified consultancy services provided in all our facilities throughout the world.

The products we supply comply with the main international quality and safety certifications and standards.