pollution reduction

Heating for diesel systems and Side view mirrors
Heating for ADBlue tank
Heating for pneumatic systems of brakes
Heating for ADBlue tank
Heating for exhaust systems
Steering wheel and Side view mirrors heaters
Heating for windscreen wipers
Heating for diesel systems, batteries and inside of electric cars
Anticondensation/ deicing for park sensor
Heating for diesel systems
Bed heaters
Boilers for water and other fluids
Anticondensation for mirrors
Heating for food and Floor heaters
Heating for ADBlue tank
Side view mirrors heaters
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Pollution Reduction

Our company makes heating elements for applications that can reliably and effectively reduce vehicle pollutants:

  • Flat flexible heaters, sheathed tubular heating elements, cartridge heating elements and heating cables for SCR devices used for abatement of nitric oxide (NOX) from the exhaust gas of diesel engines.
  • Sheathed heating elements for catalysts