commercial & domestic refrigeration

Door seal of professional fridge
Scroll compressors
Evaporating Pan
Defrosting of Refrigerated Cabinet coil
Refrigerated Cabinets door seal
Refrigerated display cabinets coil defrosting / evaporating pan
Anticondensation on refrigerated display cabinets
Domestic Fridges
Absorption Fridges for Hotels
Air-coolers defrosting / fan anti-condensation
Air-coolers defrosting
Cold room seal door
Refrigerated transport air-coolers defrosting
Cooling truck units defrosting
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Heating elements for industrial and domestic refrigeration

Our specific know-how is employed in designing and manufacturing heating elements for applications used in the refrigeration trade.

We provide a wide range of top quality reliable heating elements and operational assemblies for: truck and container cooler units, ceiling unit coolers for industrial and commercial buildings, refrigerated counters and cupboards for retail sales and restaurants, and no-frost domestic fridges.

Our customers cooperate with us as qualified partners who assist them in finding the best solution for their technical-commercial needs. They also have at their disposal our research and development laboratory for testing product performance and, more importantly, experimenting alternative technologies and materials. We are committed to innovation aimed at energy saving and heating element optimization.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies is a global producer, with manufacturing and design facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA which enable rapid response to our customers’ specific design and logistics requirements, also during the seasonal peaks typical of this market.