burners, boilers and pellet stoves

Electric hot water storage system
Pellet burner Electrical central heating system Burner system
Outdoor heater
Burner system
Outdoor antifrost heater
Instantaneous hot water system
Domestic fan coil Convector Electric Storage heater
Towel radiator
Home boiler heater
Radiant panel
Pellet stove and Baseboard heater
Toilet seat and Mirror heater, Instantaneous hot water system
Radiator and Electric underfloor heating
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Burners, Boilers, Pellet Stoves

We manufacture heating products for all types of domestic heating systems.

Etched foil heaters or cartridge type PTC heating elements are used in gas boilers.

Heating cables are fitted to pipes to prevent icing and anti condensation heaters are fitted to control panels or control circuit boards to limit the effects of humidity. For gas-oil burners we supply tubular or cartridge heating elements to pre-heat fuel.

We also design and manufacture heaters, igniters and controls special products for pellet stoves:

  • Tubular and cartridge heating elements and ceramic heaters for ignition systems.
  • Electronics with user interfaces for appliance control.