domestic heating

Electric hot water storage system
Pellet burner Electrical central heating system Burner system
Outdoor heater
Burner system
Outdoor antifrost heater
Instantaneous hot water system
Domestic fan coil Convector Electric Storage heater
Towel radiator
Home boiler heater
Radiant panel
Pellet stove and Baseboard heater
Toilet seat and Mirror heater, Instantaneous hot water system
Radiator and Electric underfloor heating
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Heating elements for home comfort

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies produces both heating elements and hi-tech heat regulation systems, for domestic heating appliance OEMs – meeting the requirements for home heating to water heating, including instantaneous showers.

Having a global network of production and design support facilities, we are able to offer our customers the most suitable solutions incorporating the best materials and components, ensuring that local and international approval requirements are met.

We also offer support to customers looking to certify their products, liaising with the relevant local approval bodies.

Our laboratories constantly test both products and designs, ensuring the most efficient solutions are produced – helping to reduce energy consumption.