Lift (Hydraulic units heating Brake resistor Duct brake resistor)
Paver machine (Asphalt plate heating)
Shrink tunnel (Heating tunnel)
Shrink tunnel (Heating tunnel)
Industrial washing machine (Heating tunnel)
Industrial washing machine (Heating bath)
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Industrial Machinery

We produce heating elements and functional kits for many varied industrial markets, including – packaging systems to asphalting machines and equipment, from elevators to woodworking machinery.

To customize our heating products according to specific technical-commercial needs we provide machine and component manufacturers with a highly qualified consultancy service for selecting the best heating technologies for their projects. In addition, we supply support in the form of dedicated co-design, in particular for developing complete operational systems.

The facilities of the Zoppas Industries Group can guarantee customers global supplies and engineering services.

Our products comply with the main international quality and safety certifications and standards.